Miami, 02/13/2022 to 02/17/2022

With ‘El Mago de Las Fritas’ or ‘The Magician of Cuban Burgers.’ El Mago has been a host to a number of celebrities, including Anthony Bourdain and Barack Obama. His restaurant is a mainstay of the historic ‘Little Havana’ neighbourhood in West Miami.
Versailles, considered to be the most famous Cuban restaurant in the entire world. Versailles was once a bastion of Little Havana’s counterrevolutionary fervour during the Cold War, but the counterrevolutionary fervour has largely died down. Versailles is now largely commercialised and is now a major tourist attraction.
South Beach, considered by some to be the ‘Center of the Universe.’ In my hand is a cup of Cuban ‘Cafe con Leche’ and is by far the best coffee drink in the entire world.

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