Gone Rogue

Coincidentally, Ukraine – which is now the focal point of international affairs – will shed light on a very important dichotomy in international affairs, namely, the dichotomy between the ‘balance of power’ and natural law on one hand, versus Washington’s petty money-thinking and Washington’s ‘mass culture’ defined by a lack of philosophy, ethics, morals, and spirituality on the other hand. Joe Biden, Tony Blinken, Congress, and Janet Yellen should realize that not everything in the world revolves around money and sanctions. There is also something called dignity, integrity, values, and political will. One should also inquire as to whether Condoleezza Rice and Paul Wolfowitz fathom the environment defined by paranoia and a mental health epidemic which afflicted every American and which they fostered as a result of their money lust over the course of the last few decades. 

Thus, the freedom from paranoia and freedom from a mental health epidemic which virtually every American is craving can be found where one least expects it. I once read a story about a female American writer who travelled to Iran and visited a mosque there. During her stay at the Iranian mosque, the American woman fell asleep, and she proclaimed that she never felt more peaceful in her entire life. I have also traveled to Iran when I was a teenager, and I can affirm that Iran is a thoroughly civilized and sophisticated place. I have gone from Tehran to the city of Mashhad which is host to the famous shrine of Imam Reza, and the feeling of peace and solace was indeed palpable there. Americans — including myself — would pay big bucks for peace of mind and freedom from anxiety, and that is if we can find it.

Plus, Iran and other “rogue” nations are not what liberal or Zionist propaganda make them out to be. As mentioned before, liberal and Zionist propaganda is disseminated through the lens of hubris and racial superiority, not through the lens of objectivity or science. Iranian politicians can quote the likes of Kant and De Tocqueville, whereas American politics are preoccupied with refining the art of coddling, political correctness, and deceit. American global hegemony cleared the path for the spread of a ‘mass culture’ and thus the paranoia and anxiety which has afflicted Americans like myself for a number of decades. And one can reasonably empathize with those so-called “rogue” nations and the leaders of such nations who have put up a stiff resistance against allowing inroads for such a culture and such paranoia and anxiety to penetrate and overtake their nations and societies.

As mentioned before, education, experience, and travel are the name of the game. A little more than half – if not more – of my readers are American, based on the statistics generated by my blog host. Plus, I am almost certain that the majority of Americans do not represent mainstream thinking. Most Americans are either vehemently opposed to hollow and superficial mainstream thinking, or they are on the fence. I doubt that the plurality or majority of Americans would conform to mainstream hollowness and superficiality. And perhaps this blog is a testament to this reality.

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