Quantum Entanglement

As mentioned before, politics amounts to “applied physics.” And at the heart of physics is the theory known as “quantum entanglement,” the pioneer of which was the famous Albert Einstein. Thus, international affairs are essentially defined by the interconnection and interdependence of everything. In turn, when Russia is politicking and going toe-to-toe with NATO, Russia is simultaneously stringing China along by virtue of interconnection and interdependence and thus “quantum entanglement.”

Why Afghanistan is not brought into the mainstream’s public analysis or matrix or nexus in regards to the Ukraine situation is perhaps yet another attempt at censorship and suppression of information. Former CIA agent Milton Bearden famously labeled Afghanistan as “The Graveyard of Empires.” But it is also important to note that 21st century American global hegemony was far more corrupt, far more ruthless, and far more monstrous than the Soviet hegemony of the 20th century. Moreover, the power projection of Soviet hegemony in Afghanistan lasted longer than America’s power projection when one compares how long the puppet governments of each superpower lasted after their departures from Afghanistan. And now, American global hegemony is on the decline and is headed towards its eventual demise, based on indications from a range and plethora of current events. But the eventual demise will not be marked by pomp or grandeur. Rather, the demise will probably be quiet and unceremonious, and as if nothing happened before it.

Everyone thought Donald Trump would be as bad as it gets when it comes to American governance. But Joe Biden set the bar even higher in terms of how bad governance can get in the United States. One would hope that things turn around for the better in the American system as soon as possible, but there is no sign of things turning around as of yet. One of the reasons why there is no sign that things are turning around as of yet is because the basic foreign policy strategy of Washington now amounts to the continuous sanctioning and isolating of everything that is not white, and then the expectation is that different economic and political outcomes will materialize. This strategy equates to sheer denial, ignorance, and stupidity. And as Mao said, despise them strategically, but take them seriously tactically.

Also, the basic difference between a leader and an ordinary person is adversity, hardship, and melancholy. A leader is exposed to these three conditions as a result of the people and the environment around them. But with these conditions, there is also a flipside, namely, the ability to see the humor in a situation, no matter how dire or tough the situation can be. The psychological burden of defending your view of the world and challenging the status quo is immense and difficult for any ordinary person to bear. And those who defend their views and challenge the status quo – especially when they are totally alone and no one offers them support – feel as though they are stuck at the bottom of a well with no way of getting out.

But what bystanders overlook is that the defense of one’s views and one’s challenge to the status quo stem from deep conviction, experience, and belief, and the conviction, experience, and belief are in turn driven by a criterion of what is right and wrong. And it is this criterion of right and wrong which many people – but especially those in the mainstream – lack in their basic constitution. And amidst all of the noise, one would perhaps be wise to pull back and heed basic science to make sense of things and to guide both words and deeds.

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