Money Train

In a press conference and speech last year, Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador argued that American foreign policy is “backward” and “archaic.” And indeed, the continued strategy of isolating and sanctioning anything and everything that is not white is a reflection of that backwardness and archaic character which Obrador highlighted. Any person or any country which does not mimic and parrot Washington’s obsolete propaganda and does not conform to the very narrow and incomplete meta-narrative of reality which is predicated upon petty money-thinking and a sense of racial superiority and which relentlessly comes out of Washington on a daily basis is subject to both isolation and sanctions.  

Moreover, the backwardness and archaic nature of American foreign policy is reflected in the looting of American coffers over the course of the last twenty years and thus the now broken money train which was put into motion by a handful of neocons and which many people fell for. Now, the neocon money train is broken and is now coming to an end, and folks like Ukraine and others who jumped onto the neocon money train late are left hanging high and dry. Washington’s neocon money train which was set into motion in 2001 is now being halted at its tracks, and the whole scheme has now demonstrated its lack of sustainability. But small countries like Afghanistan and Ukraine along with many misinformed people jumped onto Washington’s money train anyway, and now there are consequences for that poor decision.

Now, Washington’s weakened position in the international system resulting from a broken neocon money train is concealed and veiled with both toxic rhetoric and a strategy of slapping sanctions onto anything and everything which is not white. But Washington and its European partners are not immune from slapping sanctions left and right on anything and everything that is not white. And the problem is that as of yet, there is no alternative in Washington to the policy of global hegemony which consists of four primary tools, namely, stoking wars in order to destroy countries, propping up corrupt governments in order to weaken countries, cruel and egregious sanctions, and the censorship and suppression of information. All of the aforementioned tools of a policy of global hegemony are now being offset by novel developments, as mentioned before.

Thus, a broken neocon money train has economic, political, and social effects for virtually every person in the world. And one must emphasize the fact that the United States is not immune from the effects of a broken neocon money train. But the effects of a broken neocon money train are clear, and these effects are now evident in a number of places such as Afghanistan and Ukraine. The petty money-thinking combined with notions of racial superiority which make up the basic discourse, essence, and ontology of Washington has adverse effects for everyone. And the political class which sits atop the bureaucracy in Washington plays into that basic discourse, essence, and ontology. Whether people can put pressure on the American political class to challenge and alter the basic discourse, essence, and ontology of Washington which is made up of petty money-thinking that stems from a broken neocon money train and a sense of racial superiority that lacks a place in a pluralistic world is yet to be determined.

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