Everyone’s eyes and everyone’s intuition suggested that some sort of Russian action would be taken against Ukraine, but no one was certain as to exactly what type of action it would be. Now, we are seeing the nature and scale of the action being taken by Russia against Ukraine. Nor is it much of a surprise, given the buildup and the chain of events which led to this situation. Also, the chain of events does not begin in 2014. We must go further back in order to make sense of the present. The duration of the Russian action is unclear at this point, but the potential for a prolonged course of action does not seem to be deterring Vladimir Putin and his government. Thus, Vladimir Putin is trying to demonstrate that his hold on the steering wheel is steady, and that everyone will have to sit put and ride along.

Although no one wishes to see a big country lay siege on a smaller country in such a manner, what is unfortunate is that Afghanistan and Iraq in the 21st century normalized this type of behavior and course of action. Thus, when war criminals like John Bolton and David Petraeus come on television to spout their bullshit, people should press them on whether they are cognizant of the consequences of their actions from a number of years ago. When John Bolton and David Petraeus went gung-ho on Afghanistan and Iraq, they did not envision that one day, the tables would turn and that the ‘balance of power’ principle would entail what we are witnessing at the moment, whereby Ukrainian civilians and regular people have to bear the brunt of the normalization of behavior that was outside of their control. In other words, John Bolton and David Petraeus and Wesley Clark blatantly disregarded and ignored the prospect that the “chickens would come to roost.”

Europeans who feel threatened by what is going on in Ukraine at the moment perhaps feel what Afghan and Iraqi and Libyan civilians were feeling when their countries and societies were laid siege by this type of behavior. Europeans now feel how Muslims felt when Wesley Clark said all of their countries and governments would be toppled and that their countries and societies would be subject to what Ukraine is being subjected to at the moment. Events and circumstances in Ukraine and elsewhere are the concrete and clear consequences of Washington’s weapons peddling and disregard for peace, international security, and international law. The question is whether anyone can put a leash on the psychopaths and sociopaths in Washington so that the current situation does not get worse. War is not fun. War is painful and sad. And this is something which psychopaths and sociopaths in Washington should understand.

What concerns many people is the broader consequences and ripple effects of Russian action against Ukraine, as well as the potential scope of the effects of such Russian actions. And as mentioned before, these things are interconnected with the ripple effects and the scope of the normalization of such behavior which occurred at the beginning of this century. Thus, when we speak about international law, we must also hold to account those who normalized such behavior in Washington. There should not be double standards when it comes to the application of international law. But then again, history has proven time and time again that international law is merely a tool for a person’s political will. And Vladimir Putin is demonstrating this sad reality yet again.

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