Morocco, June 2021

Cap Spartel, the northwestern most tip of Africa, located about 12 kilometers outside of Tangier. Cap Spartel is situated right at the borderline between the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Somehow mustered up the courage to tame this majestic falcon.
Historic Old Medina of Tangier, one of the main settings of the famous novel titled “The Sheltering Sky” by the 20th century American novelist Paul Bowles as well as a setting of Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist.” Tangier is considered by some travel experts to be the most romantic city in the entire world, and it is a claim which is hard to contest.
Old City of Rabat, a surreal scene and a hidden gem of the ‘Old World.’ Some of the best Moroccan tea and Moroccan sweets can be found in the bazaar of Rabat’s Old City.
Chefchaouen, located in Northeastern Morocco. Built in the 1400’s during the late Andalusian period as a safe haven for Jewish and Muslim immigrants fleeing the Spanish Inquisition. Chefchaouen is known as “The Blue City” for the color scheme of its architecture.

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