Al Nakba

Moreover, Russia should be viewed as being part of a broader ‘Eastern Bloc’ which is emerging out of a core state, namely, China. Thus, the Russia-Ukraine conflict is part of a broader context or scheme or situation, namely, the dichotomy of East and West in international affairs. Russia as an Eastern proxy and Ukraine as a Western proxy size up to one another in the manner by which Myanmar sized up to China in February 2021 and the manner by which Afghanistan sized up to the Taliban and Pakistan in August 2021. And as Kissinger said, there will be equilibrium on the military and economic fronts between the Western bloc and the Eastern bloc in the 21st century. Therefore, the competition between these two blocs will most likely be decided on three key issues, namely, culture, lifestyle, and information. And this is where the East has the advantage.

Book burning, book banning, censorship, racism towards African-Americans and the history of slavery, the history of genocide against Native Americans, and suppression of information are rampant in the West. The hypocrisy of Americans going on Al Jazeera for interviews while banning Al Jazeera from cable and satellite providers in America also attests to the West’s disadvantage when it comes to culture and information wars. Although the East is not free of flaws, the West has developed its record on these aforementioned issues over the course of about five centuries of Western hegemony over the international system. And the overriding factor of the back and forth when it comes to culture, lifestyle, and information between West and East is perhaps the issue of Palestine.

Global public opinion is largely on the side of Palestine, whereas the West – but especially the United States – overlooks this fact and demonstrates considerable bias in regards to this issue in favor of Israel. In the United States, criticism of Israel is wrongly equated with antisemitism, and Washington wields an incredible level of toxicity and negative energy because of this pro-Israel bias. Over the long run, the international media focus will have to shift from the Ukraine issue towards something else. International media attention will not dwell on the issue of Ukraine forever. Thus, the international media focus over the long run will most likely shift towards the most controversial and touchy issue of international affairs that has yet to be resolved, and that is the issue of Israel and Palestine. Since the displacement of Palestinians at the hands of Israeli settlers in 1948 and perhaps even before 1948, the humanitarian situation has gotten worse for Palestinians because of Israel’s approach towards the Middle East as a whole. And Western media – but especially the American mainstream media – turns a blind eye to what amounts to a huge humanitarian crisis for not just Palestinians, but also other Arabs and other inhabitants of the Middle East.

Thus, once the culture wars and information wars play out over Ukraine and once it is time to move on to the “next best thing,” that “next best thing” will be the most controversial issue of international affairs for many decades now, namely, the Israel-Arab issue. The bulging eyes of the American mainstream and the phobia of everything that is not white in the American mainstream has long-term consequences. And we will perhaps see those consequences manifest down the road.

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