Empire of Lies

Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Myanmar over the course of the last year or so are similar, but there are differences between the three cases as well. One of these differences is that rather than pulling off an “Ashraf Ghani” and announcing a government-in-exile, Zelensky has ordered that all males aged 18 to 60 have to stay in the country to maintain a status quo and act as a shield for a government which the majority of people do not care for, given that the majority of people do not care about politics and power. For instance, only the smartest and most sensitive people in the “blogosphere” and perhaps social media consume the content of this blog. For the most part, people would not give a rat’s ass about this blog or its content. And the same applies in regards to popular sentiment towards history and politics.

What the American mainstream also fails to mention is that outside of the mainstream, Ukraine is known for what is not mentioned, namely, deep-seated racism and prostitution in Amsterdam. “Zachery Tyson Brown” and other American Twitter heads have only had a virtual taste of what actually goes on in Europe.

And today, provoking and hurting has been coupled with pleas from Joe Biden to “tone down the rhetoric.” It is hard to “tone down the rhetoric” when the rhetoric is actually a reaction to provocations and cruelty. But if we elevate ourselves from the mess and actually assess Ukraine in an above-the-fray manner and with some sophistication and thought, the best source for how Ukraine should have been approached by Washington is Barack Obama’s famous interview with “The Atlantic Magazine” regarding foreign policy. I recommend that all readers go back to Barack Obama’s famous interview on foreign policy with “The Atlantic Magazine” and read it carefully.

There are also a few more points that need to be mentioned about the issue of Israel. Certain polls show that about a third of Israelis would leave Israel if given the opportunity. I must also note that the points I have made about Israel, Israel’s approach towards the broader Middle East, and American policy regarding Israel have rendered me into yet another Apple user subject to the infamous spyware which has made Israel quite famous as of late. And my recent spyware experience perhaps builds the case for Apple’s lawsuit against the creators of the ‘Pegasus’ spyware and so forth. In a way, being targeted by the likes of ‘Pegasus’ or perhaps ‘Pegasus’ itself adds to one’s bitterness. But at the same time, it means you are writing something thought-provoking. Thus, if one were to look at the glass as half-full rather than half-empty, one can view the attention as a compliment. It is also a clean break from the mainstream’s “ignore, ignore, ignore” strategy, the apogee of which was CNN blocking my emails a few months ago. Moreover, there is no need to hack or use spyware. I have been quite transparent up until now. And as they say: “The cat is already out of the bag.”

It has also been noted by certain journalists that Russian Jews are now leaving Israel for Russia at a rapid pace. It has been argued that the only reason why many Russian Jews want an Israeli passport is so that they can get around Western countries easier. It has been noted that “such a trend is not related to an actual movement to Israel, but to the desire of Russian Jews to obtain an Israeli passport to enable them to enter the largest number of countries without a visa.”

Uri Cohen, a project manager for Israel’s education ministry and army, said: “The fact that so many people say they would leave the country if they could indicate that many Israeli citizens do not feel a sense of belonging to the state…is alarming.” Cohen added: “The data pointed to problems among a growing number of Israelis in sense of identity, belonging and connection to the nation, land and state of Israel. This is already creating divisions in society.’

And the numbers are perhaps greater than what the polls suggest. I have personally encountered two Israeli men who left Israel to come to the United States in both Washington and in the suburbs of Washington, and they did not paint a rosy picture of life in Israel. Ari Shavit, an Israeli journalist, wrote: “If Israel and Judaism are not vital agents of identity, and if there is a foreign passport, not only in the technical sense, but also in the psychological sense, then it is over. Friends should bid farewell and move to San Francisco or Berlin. From there, from the country of the new German radical nationalism, or the country of the new American radical nationalism, we must look calmly and watch the state of Israel utter its last breath.”

Washington’s denial of these aforementioned points enforces notions of Western “impotence” and the notion of an “Empire of Lies” which has now gone global. Impotence and lies also go hand-in-hand with cynicism and stinginess. And then, the impotence, lies, cynicism, and stinginess are replaced with one Shawarma store after another in the heart of the “Red Light District” of Paris and so forth.

But at the heart of the cynicism and impotence – and thus the lies – is racism as well as stinginess to a large extent. One of the famous tales of the Sufi mystic and scholar Ibn Arabi was when he stood at a hilltop outside Damascus and proclaimed: “What you worship is buried underneath my feet.” After avoiding the death penalty for that provocative comment, the locals dug the ground where Ibn Arabi stood and found that in fact there was money as well as gold and silver coins buried underneath the surface. But money-worship also means nothing is enough, and thus nothing wields quality. As Max Horkheimer wrote:

“We criticize mass culture not because it provides us with too much or because it makes our lives too secure – we can leave that to Lutheran theology. Rather, we criticize mass culture because it contributes to a situation in which we receive too little and in which what we receive is too bad; because broad swathes of society live in terrible misery, both inwardly and outwardly; and because people end up resigning themselves to injustice. In short, we criticize mass culture because it keeps the world in a state in which we have to expect large-scale catastrophes, on the one hand, and a conspiracy on the part of infernally cunning elites to broker a hellish peace, on the other.”

Thus, racism and stinginess are the two main pillars of Washington’s domestic and foreign policies, and in turn, racism and stinginess comprise of the two basic pillars of what is known as “idolatry,” or Shirk. The actual outliers and geniuses in society become outliers and geniuses by virtue of disavowing themselves of these two pillars. Those who are not outliers or geniuses are then subjected to the exacerbation of brain fog through the combination of mainstream optical illusions and Linda Thomas-Greenfield’s money-lust. A lot of effort and pain is required to overcome the brain fog that is then exacerbated by mainstream optical illusions and Linda Thomas-Greenfield’s money-lust. And virtually everything is forgiven except for Shirk.

By virtue of this logic, neocons can never really be forgiven, even if ‘due process’ were applied and the book were thrown at them per se. But there are some of us who are immune to “isolation” and “loss,” and as a result, we pursue justice through the best weapons a human being can have, namely, a brain and a voice.

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