Shooting the Shit

Thus, instead of sparing ordinary Ukrainians the misery, the government in Kiev is trying to box in as many people as possible in order to shield a status quo which the majority of people do not care about, given that most people do not care about history, politics, or power. As the economist Milton Friedman once said, people tend to vote with their feet. And when we look at Ukraine, most people are either sheltering or they are leaving if they can. If bored and bloodthirsty onlookers in Washington or Brussels are really concerned about slowing down the duration of the Russian onslaught or if they are really concerned about civilian and material losses in Ukraine, then ordinary Ukrainian people should not be boxed in by Zelensky in order to shield a status quo which people do not care about. Every pawn can be replaced with another pawn.

Plus, “isolation” and “loss” are weapons which some people are immune to, especially if you are an Eastern person like myself or an Eastern country who has experienced such circumstances. Hobnobbing with Ursula Von Der Leyen in Brussels or shooting the shit with William Taylor in Washington is something that many of us are not interested in. But being shunned by these kinds of people and the strategy of seemingly depriving us of the hobnobbing and shooting the shit with an underlying money-lust is considered “isolation” and “loss” by petty mainstream thinking. Nor does petty mainstream thinking take into account that the “isolation” and “loss” many of us had to experience as a result of corrupt and petty people actually makes Eastern people and Eastern nations stronger. In fact, the “isolation” and “loss” has made Eastern people strong to the extent that there is an emerging “equilibrium” on both the military and economic fronts between the Western bloc and the emerging Eastern bloc, as Kissinger forewarned as far back as the 1990’s.

Moreover, global public opinion is largely divided on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Although Zelensky receives praise and support in Washington and Brussels that if one may add is not being backed by action, others for instance are not so fond of the way Ukraine has treated Afghan refugees over the course of many years, nor are many people fond of the blatant racism experienced by people of color in Ukraine over the course of many years. Thus, while Washington and Brussels seek to paint things with a broad brush per se, reality is more complex and nuanced.

Ukrainians should also realize that Western anomie and boredom means Western capitals are itching for drama and war, at the expense of ordinary Ukrainians and anyone else whom they can lure into drama and war. Western capitals have nothing better to do than to stoke drama and war because of Western anomie and boredom. Thus, Ukrainians should decide whether they want to be subject to Washington and Brussels’ bloodthirst and boredom, or if they want to survive as a nation alongside a bigger and more powerful neighbor who has had cultural, commercial, and religious links with their country for centuries. Although the choice is tough for a small country to make, it is not as tough as what one might have to bear for maintaining a costly status quo which most Ukrainians do not really care for.

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