Build Back Better

From a realist perspective, states are the primary units of international politics and international relations, and amongst states there are major powers and small powers. Thus, at the heart of international relations and international politics is a hollowed-out federal government in Washington which people are beginning to flee from and is led by Joe Biden on one hand, versus Trump-inspired American populism, a resurgent Russia led by Putin, and a rising China on the other hand. Thus, the odds are stacked against Washington when it comes to major power competition and politics at the moment. And to top it all off, Vladimir Putin has threatened that he will make people suffer consequences “they have never seen before” if people get in his way.

And as they say, the fish rots from the head. Joe Biden rubber-stamped the war in Iraq, engaged in shady business practices with his promiscuous son, and has now brought toxic neocons like Tony Blinken and Janet Yellen around him who in turn are exacerbating inflation and shortages in America with every passing second. Biden has also brought Merrick Garland along for the ride. And instead of addressing the transitional justice issues which would stabilize American society and the international order at-large, Merrick Garland is preoccupied with finding ways to rig the next election. Thus, his pandering towards Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Cavanaugh at the “State of the Union” address which many people did not waste their time watching.

Therefore, not only has Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan amounted to a dismal failure, but his political career as a whole has amounted to a dismal failure and a fraud. These endeavors were all in vain. In turn, no one should believe CNN polling either. At least two thirds of Americans – if not more – disapprove of Joe Biden and his administration.

But Biden’s predecessors are not immune from criticism either. The highlight of Barack Obama’s presidency was his romance with the Danish Prime Minister which in turn was put on full display at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. Thus, the bombing of Libya and the bailing out of loan sharks in 2009 was for a fleeting romance with a blonde at a funeral. I also had the experience of a fleeting romance with a blonde in the Netherlands, and it all amounts to nothing. In turn, there is a reason why Donald Trump married a Slovenian woman after two failed marriages with American women, and there is a reason why Mitch McConnell is still kicking.

And now that he is surrounded by Secret Service and Michelle all the time while facing the diminishing utility of hedonism and the inability to go to a coffee shop or bookstore and with all the mania gone, things are not as romantic as they once seemed. In turn, the outcomes of the mania are Xi Jinping as president for life, Putin putting the fear of God into people, and Trump rallies which attract thousands of people at a time. All of these things are a direct result of Bush and Obama era policies and mental states. Moreover, Bush and Obama grew old and wrinkled and Biden has lost it for the most part, whereas Putin and Xi grew energetic over time. And Trump received an unexpected break and opportunity to re-energize, re-group, and re-focus after an election which the majority of Americans believe lacked credibility and legitimacy.

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