Arguably, Russia’s strategy towards succeeding in its “endgame” or “end goal” – namely, the correction of a historical wrong that was Nazism – banks on two components or elements. For one, it banks on inherent divisions within Western society, such as Brexit, UK-France fishing disputes which can evolve into something bigger, dependence on Russian energy supplies, Italy and Greece’s tendency to remain neutral during Western standoffs with Russia and their concealed disdain for Germans, France’s foreign policy which consists of flirting with Moscow on occasion in order to piss off Washington, and so forth.

Also, Jewish neocons like Tony Blinken – who was merciless in his radicalization of Libya and stood there watching with glee alongside Obama while he imposed anarchy and chaos on what was a modern and stable society – along with Janet Yellen are split over solidarity with the European Union, which amounts to solidarity with Germany, due to the history of Nazism which Russia claims to be fighting and correcting.

It is also worth noting that the United Nations is also a hollow and discredited organization after having joined the Afghanistan ‘Money Train’ and after decades of opting into a strategy which intends on making countries dependent on handouts. But the divisions are exacerbated even further by American ‘relative decline’ vis-à-vis China. Joe Biden has proven that he cannot manage or thwart this decline, and if Trump were at the steering wheel, he would essentially blow everything by virtue of his apathy towards NATO and his isolationist stance. Verbal “support” for Ukraine amounted to leaving Ukraine – as well as Afghanistan – hanging high and dry in terms of actions and deeds. And to top it all off, China and the emergence of an ‘Eastern Bloc’ serve as an economic and social cushion for Russia to pursue its political initiative of perpetual and ‘inevitable conflict with the West.’

In terms of the psychological component or element of Russia’s strategy, Russia has already employed barbs and jabs such as “Western impotence” and “Empire of Lies” in order to advance the psychological component of its strategy of perpetual conflict. “Disinformation” as well as the allegations of Russian ‘meddling’ in American elections were the backdrop or prelude for what is going on now in terms of the psychological aspect of Russia’s perpetual conflict.

And ultimately, luxury makes a civilization rotten and soft. It is worth noting that Barack Obama was in debt as a result of law school expenses at the age of forty-seven and on his first day as president. Now, Barack Obama is a millionaire and enjoyed Golf and free plane rides at the expense of his soul. But Vladimir Putin is largely risk-averse, and Putin is not really interested in luxury or women.

Also, Afghanistan and the Middle East opened the door for the unveiling of Russia’s strategy of perpetual conflict. Mark Kimmitt’s lisp and contracting exploitation along with Kimberly Dozier’s snubbing and adventurism gone wrong are parts of a broader myopia and short-sightedness which are now demonstrating their consequences and effects. Let us not forget the “Graveyard of Empires” aspect to all of this, and the fact that many government people in Washington are now heading for the hills before the ultimate reckoning arrives. As one journalist put it, get the popcorn out. There is still a very long road ahead.

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