Gold Rush

It is worth noting that Valery Gerasimov – whose military and political doctrine has been the guide for Russia’s foreign policy strategy for about the last ten years – is an ethnic Tatar, which means that Vladimir Putin’s top national security adviser and the head of Russia’s military forces is a Muslim. And in a meeting with his national security team today, Vladimir Putin mentioned that he took pride in Russia’s “multinational” society. Thus, Putin has tapped into his country’s ethnic and racial diversity and has made good use of the diversity, whereas Joe Biden chooses to surround himself with toxic neocons who seek to whitewash reality and in turn add to America’s inflation and shortages.

Moreover, Islam is projected to be the world’s largest religion over the course of the next few decades, and this projection is according to Pew Research, not conjecture. This means that Islam will affect and impact virtually every single nation and society in one way or another. Plus, Islam has already affected and impacted Russia, in the sense that Putin’s top adviser and Russia’s military chief is a Muslim. This is quite extraordinary, given that only a few decades ago, the former Soviet Union was areligious and minority cultures had lost their vibrancy and were essentially suppressed.

Thus, after decades of waging a “crusade,” Washington will have to come to terms with the fact that their war on Islam and their war with God was essentially a failure. In turn, there will have to be a reckoning in Washington with the “long-term trends” which Brzezinski and others had highlighted. A “crusade” will have to be replaced with a foreign policy doctrine based on diplomacy, trade deals, a reduction of taxes, and de-regulation. In turn, a foreign policy doctrine based on diplomacy, trade deals, a reduction of taxes, and de-regulation is a middle path and a compromise between a “crusade” and military hegemony on one hand, and isolationism on the other hand.

In sum, a “crusade” will have to be replaced with a novel approach towards the world, given the reality of globalization and economic interdependence in a postmodern world. Janet Yellen’s robbery of Russian oligarchs cannot be sustained for the long run. The “wild capitalist theft reminiscent of the gold rush” which Tony Blinken and Janet Yellen have taken to another level will have to be replaced with a long-term foreign policy doctrine or strategy that reckons with the economic, political, and social realities that stem from a truly globalized world.

Either a middle path and compromise between a “crusade” and isolationism is reached and is premised on diplomacy, trade deals, tax cuts, and de-regulation, or isolation is inevitable, given that a “crusade” cannot be sustained for the long run. It is highly unlikely that America will become a social welfare state overnight, given that America has a long history of capitalism and the central government does not have the capacity or ability to transform into a social welfare state after decades of waging a “crusade.” Although ‘social democracy’ and a social welfare state were always in the cards, it is highly unlikely due to some of the points mentioned above and in previous blog posts.

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