Philadelphia, October 2015

Made a pilgrimage and trip to the “American Philosophical Society” (APS) in order to cement my wonk status.
Rodin’s “The Thinker”; a tribute to the power of contemplation and free-thinking. Replicas of “The Thinker” can be found in a number of Western cities.
Liberty Bell, an icon of America’s revolution against Britain’s policy of global hegemony.
Love Park, one of the features of American pop culture and inspired by the name of the city where it is located.
Independence Hall, where America’s ‘Founding Fathers’ debated and finally came up with the U.S. Constitution, a legal document which is perhaps the greatest achievement in the history of Western political history and philosophy.
Geno’s Steaks, popularized by American television and is situated across from its famous competitor, Pat’s. Totally overrated.
Tomb and Shrine of Benjamin Franklin and his wife. A place where travelers come for a prayer and a wish, in hopes that their aspirations for love become a reality.

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