Skull and Bones

When we suggest that political dysfunction and psychological maladies in Washington such as the “Havana Syndrome” and so forth are intertwined with a curse, we must bring into our argumentation and our discourse the fact that over the course of the last few decades, Washington has reduced itself to the cult of Nathan Rothschild for the most part. In essence, the combination of Rothschild worship and the looting of taxpayer money is thus intertwined with political dysfunction and the psychological maladies such as the “Havana Syndrome” which were discussed in the previous essay.

Thus, in addition to bloodthirst, graft under the guise of “contracting,” and the grifting of taxpayers, what Washington essentially worships is a man who was a fat, short, and anxious hoarder and was known for sweating profusely, breathing heavily, and for having a disdain towards books. Add the influence of cults such as the “Skull and Bones” as well as the “Bohemian Grove,” and the toxicity in Washington reaches groundbreaking levels.

Hence, Washington is a cult society. And in order to be accepted into a cult, you must have a cult-like mentality. In turn, a cult mentality consists mainly of bloodthirst, thus the sponsoring of violent video games and the bombing of weddings, hospitals, funerals, and so forth.

During a trip I made to the ‘American Philosophical Society’ in Philadelphia almost seven years ago, the guide there was an old white-haired American woman who was incredibly kind and friendly. She asked me where I came from. I told her I came from Northern Virginia, right outside Washington. She gasped, shook her head, and she suggested that I belonged in either New York or Chicago or somewhere with an academic culture. She also recommended that I move as far away from Washington as possible because she argued that the corruption of Washington permeates the body much less when one goes farther away from Washington.

And her argument makes sense, considering that when I go to places like Florida or California to re-energize, I come back as a totally different person. Staying in Northern Virginia for too long amounts to unexplainable body aches, body tension, vertigo, headaches, anxiety, back aches, and thus the need to see a chiropractor. Seeing a psychiatrist or therapist does not get the job done. The best prescription ends up being the one which the old lady in Philadelphia prescribed almost seven years ago.

Essentially, reality amounts to information and thus perception. And what most people perceive, Washington does not perceive. As Adam Smith wrote in “The Theory of Moral Sentiments”:

“So partial are the views of mankind with regard to the propriety of their own conduct, both at the time of action and after it; and so difficult is it for them to view it in the light in which any indifferent spectator would consider it. But if it was by a peculiar faculty, such as the moral sense is supposed to be, that they judged of their own conduct, if they were endued with a particular power of perception, which distinguished the beauty or deformity of passions and affections; as their own passions would be more immediately exposed to the view of this faculty, it would judge with more accuracy concerning them, than concerning those of other men, of which it had only a more distant prospect.”

Smith then adds:

“This self-deceit, this fatal weakness of mankind, is the source of half the disorders of human life. If we saw ourselves in the light in which others see us, or in which they would see us if they knew all, a reformation would generally be unavoidable. We could not otherwise endure the sight.”

Yet, the show goes on.

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