World War III

At this point in time, the Russia-Ukraine war has reached what is perhaps its critical phase. Russia’s strategy at this point resembles to a certain extent the strategy which the Taliban employed over the course of the last twenty years or so in Afghanistan, in the sense that Russia is pressuring the Ukrainian public and the Ukrainian military to turn against Zelensky and his inner circle. Through extensive pressure in both a military and psychological sense, Russia seeks to turn the Ukrainian military – which is no match for Russia’s military, given that Russia’s military is the most advanced military in the world – along with the Ukrainian population against Zelensky and his inner circle.

Thus, Russia has essentially put the Ukrainian military and the Ukrainian public in a position where they must choose between either peace and survival or the constant pressure and suffering that comes with supporting a low-rate comedian and his inner circle who have been devouring American dollars since 2019 in the manner by which Karzai and Ghani devoured American dollars in Afghanistan. But as Lord Acton famously said, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Due to the corrupting influence and intoxication of power, Zelensky will not let go easily and he will not come out of his bunker for the sake of Ukrainian society, even if it means putting the Ukrainian population and Ukrainian society through continued bombardment and suffering.

Ukraine is the second-to-last trace and the second-to-last vestige of a decades-long policy of global hegemony coming out of Washington. And apparently, Zelensky wants to bring an end to the policy with a bang by calling for a NATO “no-fly zone.” The question is whether Joe Biden has the guts and the wherewithal to withstand the brain fog and vertigo of black magic and occult magic and thus avoid “World War III” by staying out of Ukraine. Moreover, NATO involvement in Ukraine would not evolve into any ordinary war. Rather, Ukraine could be the impetus for a nuclear war that would essentially bring an end to Western civilization. One must note that Russia has more nuclear bombs than any other country in the world, even more than America and China’s nuclear arsenal combined. And most startling is the fact that Russia has more nuclear weapons than all of NATO combined.

Thus, Joe Biden has to choose between either Zelensky or Western civilization. If one were to translate into logical terms what Zelensky is asking for, he is essentially asking for an end to Western civilization by calling for a NATO “no-fly zone.” Brain fog and mania resulting from decades of graft in the name of “contracting” and the doling out of Rothschild money in Washington has led American leaders into bringing the world to the brink and precipice of a nuclear war. The question is whether Biden can overcome brain fog and vertigo and pull the world back from the brink and precipice of a nuclear war. But as with anything else in life, everything remains in a state of flux.

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