Haft Pech

To know the real story behind what is going on at the present moment from an international affairs standpoint, one must recall virtually any ‘Baby Boomer’ Afghan father’s story about life in Afghanistan between the 1930’s and the 1970’s, a period of time which coincided with semi-colonial rule there. During that time period, Afghan households were instructed by Afghanistan’s religious authorities to wrap the Quran with cloth seven times and place it on as high of a shelf that they could find in their homes (“Haft Pech”).

But with the ‘Information Age’ that has now arisen in the 21st century, that entire imperial endeavour has turned out to be a bust and a failure. Thus, recourse to the unvarnished truth is “better than everything they have ever gathered.” In turn, the right thing to do would be to remain “uncompromising” when it comes to the true message. One of the benefits of being uncompromising is that knowledge repels the bad which is voluminous, and in turn attracts the good, which is limited in quantity. As Socrates said: “There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.” Moreover, a life that is void of Bildüng in the truest sense of the concept and practice amounts to childishness and shallowness. As Socrates said: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

Nor should the message be sold for a cheap price. The most that the other side can give a person for dropping the message is some money and possibly some women, both of which become a liability and a source of embarrassment and pain over the long run rather than an asset or a boon. Plus, after the failure to preserve the post-World War ll and post-Cold War peace, the entire narrative and the talking points that are parroted out of mainstream circles ring hollow and are wholly discredited and illegitimate.

In sum, there is nothing left to defend or justify out of mainstream circles. One cannot genuinely or sincerely defend the failure to preserve the global peace and overlook both the causes of the failure as well as the consequences of such a monumental failure. But most infuriating is the lack of accountability for this gargantuan failure, which is then shrouded by Nancy Pelosi’s hand-clapping and Joe Biden’s mind-numbing appearances on television.

Moreover, accountability is a simple and surgical task if one were truly interested in the fulfilment of peace and justice. But there is something going on cognitively amongst Washingtonians which clouds proper judgment, thus the inflation and the populism and the breakdown of the international order and so forth which are unfolding before our eyes at the moment. How to dispel what goes on cognitively amongst Washingtonians is a matter of esoteric and mystical knowledge, and I have merely scratched the surface of such a complex subject.

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