No Spin Zone

As the American-Muslim intellectual and scholar Hamza Yusuf aptly highlighted once, the words “Knowledge” (‘ilm) and “Suffering” (‘alam) are cognates in the Arabic language, and this becomes especially noticeable when these words are spelled out in Arabic. Thus, the cure for one’s pain and suffering are knowledge and information. Plus, with globalization, technology, and the internet, knowledge and information are now more widespread than ever before, thus the emerging power equilibrium between the East and the West from a military and economic standpoint.

And as Foucault said, one should aptly resort to Western sources and material in order to challenge mainstream Western discourse and mainstream thinking. Perhaps my readers have noticed that I have not ventured too far off into Eastern sources and material through the course of my blogging endeavor. I have largely used Western sources and Western material in order to challenge mainstream discourse and mainstream thinking out of circles such as Washington and Brussels.

Also, knowing full well that the odds are not in favor of Ukraine over the long run of this current war, information about the war coming out of mainstream outlets such as CNN is now becoming tinged with desperation, and the information incorporates a certain level of exaggeration as well. The desperation and exaggeration are reflected in CNN headlines as well as comments coming out of toxic neocons such as Tony Blinken regarding the potential for biological and chemical attacks, as well as information regarding the number of Russian casualties. Washington then seeks to reinforce and invigorate this information by censoring news sources coming out of the East.

Furthermore, there is a lot of “spin” to everything that is said on CNN. For instance, the addiction and intoxication of power that has beset Zelensky and his inner circle and their refusal to spare Ukrainians the pain and suffering by resigning and leaving is spun by CNN as “courage” and “defiance.” What comes to mind is Afghanistan’s failed peace process over the course of more than a decade, whereby Ashraf Ghani refused to leave and thus produce results for Afghanistan’s peace process because Ghani was hooked on all the dark money coming into the country from Washington.

Moreover, the spectrum of Russian capabilities and assets are tailored towards a potential conflict with NATO, not Ukraine. Not all of Russia’s eggs are in the Ukraine basket per se. As a result, propaganda coming out of Tony Blinken and CNN can never be relied upon. As Sir Winston Churchill said: “I no longer listen to what people say. I just watch what they do. Behavior never lies.” Also, one would be remiss to forget “collateral damage” and “yellow cake” in the early years of the 21st century.

At times, only Farsi expressions and Farsi words can properly convey the true essence of characters and personalities propped up by CNN such as Joe Biden, Tony Blinken, Jim Himes, Michael McCaul, and William Taylor. Thus, a lot of what needs to be expressed or said gets lost in translation. But since the beginning of this blogging endeavor, I have tried my very best to get the message across in hopes that readers get the best analysis and information that they can possibly get.

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