Musicians’ Corner

The legendary Berry Gordy, founder of “Motown Records” and creator of the legendary “Jackson Five” which catapulted Michael Jackson to fame.
Jawid Sharif, a popular Afghan vocalist and music producer based in Germany.
Salar Nader, perhaps the most talented Tabla master in the Afghan diaspora and beyond.
Najim Nawabi, one of the most popular present-day Afghan musicians and artists and a family friend.
Mahroof Sharif, a top notch keyboardist and a familiar name amongst Afghan musicians and artists.
Wais Ulfat, a popular Afghan tabla master based in Canada.
Nawid Ahmad, located on the right. One of the most active Afghan keyboardists, based in Germany. On the left is a very talented Pakistani guitarist who accompanied him for a concert here in Virginia.
Said Omar, a true legend and a popular figure in contemporary Afghan music.
Sadriddin, a Tajik musician and artist who is known for his upbeat style.
Yokub Abdollaev, Sadriddin’s keyboardist and music arranger, and a very kind and amicable personality.
Sadriddin’s guitarist, another wonderful personality and character.
Ahmad Wali, perhaps the most legendary and well-acclaimed Afghan musician and artist of modern times, aside from the late great Ahmad Zahir.
Rahe Jahani, son of the late Rahim Jahani and Salma Jahani, who is a well-known female Afghan vocalist, based in California.

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