“This Out of Control” (Rumi)

Of these two thousand I and We people, which am I?

Do not try and keep me from asking. Listen, when I am this out of control, but do not put anything breakable in my way.

There is an original inside me. What is here is a mirror for that, for you.

If you are joyful, I am. If you grieve, or if you are bitter, or graceful, I take on those qualities.

Like the shadow of a cypress tree in a meadow. Like the shadow of a rose, I live close to the rose.

If I separated myself from you, I would turn entirely thorn.

Every second, I drink another cup of my own blood-wine. Every instant, I break an empty cup against your door. I reach out, wanting you to tear me open.

Saladin’s generosity lights a candle in my chest. Who am I then? His empty begging bowl.

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