“Fourteen Questions” (Rumi)

What if I broke off a whole branch of roses? What if I lost myself in the friend?

How would it be to have no faith? What if I picked a pickpocket’s pocket?

Does it mean anything

when a single basket is lost in Baghdad, when one wheat grain is missing from the barn?

How long will this illusion last? What remains when a lover sits quietly

with the beloved for one second?

Will it involve you at all if I say some unsayable things? Will my heart feel relieved doing that?

Something has passed between lover and beloved. Are you part of these goings-on?

What does the soul feel when Jesus heals the body? This is the night when life decrees can change.

If the moon came to visit me, would that affect other people?

Shams Tabriz, if I gave workers a holiday, and if I turned the marketplace upside down, would that be a kind of image for how you love the world?

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