“No Ordinary Friendship” (Rumi)

Soul so close, whatever you think of I know, but I want more convincing proof.

Do not arrive and say, Now I am here. Our closeness is not like that.

I am a support column in your house, a waterspout on your roof.

I share with you the secrets

that others will tell on their last day.

This is no ordinary friendship. I attend your banquet as wine is passed around the table.

Like lightning, I am an expert at dying. Like lightning, this beauty has no language. It makes no difference whether I win or lose.

You sit with us in a congregation of the dead, where one handful of dirt says, I was once a head of hair. Another, I was a backbone. You say nothing.

Love comes in saying, I can deliver you from yourself in this moment.

Now lover and beloved grow quiet. My mouth is burning with sweetness.

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