Quote of the Day

“There are those today who speak of a ‘defense’ of the West, which is odd, to say the least, considering that it is the West…that is threatening to submerge the whole of mankind in the whirlpool of its own confused activity; odd, we say, and completely unjustified if they mean, as they seem to (despite certain reservations), that this defense is to be against the East, for the true East has no thought of attacking or dominating anybody, and asks no more than to be left in independence and tranquility — surely a not unreasonable demand. Actually, the truth is that the West really is in great need of defense, but only against itself and its own tendencies, which, if they are pushed to their conclusion, will lead inevitably to its ruin and destruction; it is therefore ‘reform’ of the West that is called for, and if this reform were what it should be — that is to say, a restoration of tradition — it would entail as a natural consequence an understanding with the East.”

(René Guenon, “The Crisis of the Modern World.”)

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