“Your Sudden Journey” (Rumi)

Your sudden journey, from our city, my beloved, filled you with sweetness, and left me in the dark

You went along, with your own sweetheart, the one for whom, every soul is ready, to leave the body and fly

it was that spectrum, the one who came, first as a light, brightened your path, then took you away in limelight

you were ready, happy to leave this lowly earth, while filled with ecstasy, you flew away with rapture, to the ultimate and beyond

now that you’re gone, you’ve forever found, the ultimate paradise, free from bread, free from bread givers

now you are, like a pure soul, like a dream, every moment, taking a new form

send me some words, of your tender journey, my beloved, and, if you don’t, I know for sure, you’re forever immersed, like a precious pearl, in the endless sea

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