Article and Book Recommendation

Paul Halpern, “The Synchronicity of Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung: How the theoretical physicist and analyst came together and then apart”:

(Note: Paul Halpern was a friend of mine whom I became acquainted with during my stint on social media. My stint on social media came to an unceremonious end last summer when I realized social media was consuming too much of my energy, focus, and time at the expense of my blog content, not to mention the endless quarrels on social media which can leave someone quite angry and bitter.)

One of the major primary sources for the work that has been done on the concept known as “Synchronicity“ is that of Carl Jung, which is pictured above. Although certain contemporary commentators on “Synchronicity” claim that interconnected and meaningful coincidences and occurrences in the physical world are acausal and have a “chance” element to it, that is not what Jung argued. Once a person reads into Jung, they will find that one of the clear and conspicuous philosophical underpinnings of “Synchronicity” is that nothing is subject to chance, and that nothing is random.

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