Fun Fact

“The Seal of Solomon” is a Medieval Arabic symbol worn by certain ascetics and mystics in the Sufi tradition. Islam is essentially divided between a Sufi tradition based on intellectualism and spirituality on one hand, and a Wahabbi tradition based on fundamentalism and literalism on the other hand. “The Seal of Solomon” was also imprinted on the famous black cloak of the Prophet Muhammad for his intellectualism and spirituality. And it has now been appropriated by the Jews as the “Star of David.” The two triangles represent two different things. The triangle pointing downward represents a cave, with the cave representing the isolation and seclusion of the ascetic and mystic, as well as the intellectual and spiritual advancement of the ascetic and mystic which is gained through his or her state of isolation and seclusion. And the triangle pointing upward represents a mountain, with the mountain representing the earth’s “Intellectual and Spiritual Center” to where the ascetic and mystic communicates his or her knowledge and wisdom and directs his or her energy and focus towards, with the sole aim of attaining salvation and inner peace, known as “As-shekinah” in Hebrew and “As-sakina” in Arabic.

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