“Shireen Guftar Dari” – ‎شیرین گفتار دارى

A favorite of a good number of Afghan artists and singers. In the end, it’s all about taste. This song comes from the folklore genre of Afghan music, and coincidentally, it was made popular by a woman named Shireen (شىرىن) a number of decades ago when Afghanistan was enjoying its “Golden” decade of art and culture. It’s one of my favorite songs as well. I have a few favorites, and this one is definitely one of them. “Shireen” translates into “delightful” or “sweet” in both Arabic and Farsi, and indeed, everything about the melody and lyrics is delightful and sweet. I hope you like it, and please excuse any errors or mishaps! As I said, I’m not a professional artist or musician, even though I wish I was.

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