Two Book Recommendations, July 2, 2022

Essentially, Abu-Lughod argued that there is an inherent world system defined and shaped by commerce, communication, exchange, and trade between Europe, the Middle East, and Asia which predates and pre-exists the current world system that is currently being upheld by European cultural hegemony and American military hegemony. Given that American military hegemony and European cultural hegemony are unsustainable in the long run, the possibility that a reversion to a world system which predates or pre-exists the current Eurocentric world system and where there is balance and equilibrium between the three basic units of the world system (Europe, Middle East, and Asia) cannot be denied.
Along with Janet Abu-Lughod, Immanuel Wallerstein pioneered and established a field of study in the social sciences known as “World Systems Analysis.” What “World Systems Analysis” amounts to is a distillation of the “Trinity” of the social sciences, namely, economics, politics, and sociology. Ali Shariati once argued that sociology is the “father of all social sciences.” But “World Systems Analysis” distills sociology and distills economics and politics and in turn arrives at the overarching and overriding idea and basic conclusion of the social sciences, which is that today’s Eurocentric world system is being upheld by two basic pillars, namely, unbridled capital accumulation and hegemony-rivalry. Wallerstein argued that a world system predicated solely upon unbridled capital accumulation and hegemony-rivalry is a European phenomenon, not a universal phenomenon. Wallerstein and some other world systems analysts have argued that world systems which predate today’s Eurocentric world system were not predicated solely upon unbridled capital accumulation and hegemony-rivalry, and as a result, reform of the current Eurocentric world system is necessary.

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