“Neelgoon” – نیلگون

Originally performed by Ahmad Zahir, known during his time as “The Nightingale of the East.” The word “Neelgoon” means “The Blue-Eyed One” in Farsi. A more recent iteration of this song, which was first performed on radio in Afghanistan during either the 1960’s or 1970’s, is by a German-based Afghan artist named Ali Etemadi. The more recent iteration of this song by Ali Etemadi is incredibly beautiful, perhaps even more beautiful than the original version. This song has been in my top three favorites of all time ever since I was in college, and I graduated from college thirteen years ago, which tells you how unique and special it is. If you’re interested in diverse types of music, I suggest you look up Ali Etemadi as well as Ahmad Zahir. Rough translation: “O blue-eyed one, the one who sustains me, I have returned. The content of my wine glass, I have returned. These are the sounds of my footsteps. I have returned. Listen to this song for a moment, and embrace it. These are the sounds of my footsteps, I have returned. Like a nightingale, I am heading towards you out of the sky. You’re like a beautiful bird, and I have returned. Although drained and worried, I have returned.”

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