“Clouds” (Rumi)

Every dustgrain shines in the sun. I turn, remembering that.

Be finely ground in the love-mortar, as pearls and coral are for medicine. Beauty now is particulate, granular.

A light-spirit lives in you for your whole life. When it leaves, it leaves completely. You can call, but it will not come.

Only if your soul learns some spirit magic

will it choose to rest anywhere for a while.

Remember those arrogant angels, Harut and Marut, who thought they were superior to Adam. They were given lust and passion and sent down into the world, where they tried to seduce a beautiful woman.

She resisted. She wanted to learn from them

the magic power-word

by which they could ascend back to the spirit world.

In their blind desire they told it to her, and she immediately rose to become the planet Venus, the evening star, while they, to show their passionate distraction, and to be forgiven, chose to hang head down

in a pit in Babylon.

That well, the Babylonian angel prison, was a momentary stopping place.

Now remember Tabriz, the town that glows from within. Even the clouds there are read for their astrological meanings.

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