Save the Children

With occupation and the aforementioned litany of moral and legal transgressions which are inherent in an occupation, there is yet another element to Israel’s approach towards occupation, namely, the arrest and targeting of Palestinian children. Why one can equate Israel’s overriding and structural policy to a “slow-moving genocide” is due in large part to the arrest and targeting of Palestinian children and teenagers. By arresting and targeting Palestinian children and teenagers, the idea is to overhaul or stint the development and growth of the youngest generation of Palestinians, in a broader attempt of putting a halt to the growth of the Palestinian population.

Whether Washington knows the rationale and logic behind the peculiar practices of a type of occupation that has never been seen before in the history of mankind is something to explore and investigate. Because, if the rationale and logic of peculiar practices of an unparalleled occupation are known in Washington, and yet Washington continues to be mum and silent despite knowing the rationale and logic of the overriding and structural policy of this occupation, then Washingtonians must collectively put their heads down in shame and never utter the words “freedom” and “human rights” ever again.

There is also the question of why Tony Blinken gets to become Secretary of State, Janet Yellen gets to become Treasury Secretary, and Merrick Garland gets to become Attorney General, when there are thousands of other individuals who are more worthy and capable of these important and consequential jobs. One of the reasons for why these particular individuals are getting these important and consequential jobs is so that they can suppress and then sweep the aforementioned rationale and logic under the rug. Also, Elie Honig did not become a federal prosecutor and was not given a bully pulpit on CNN because of his love for the law and justice. However, there is also a deeper reason for such occurrences and circumstances aside from the suppression and concealment of undeniable rationale and logic, namely, the lack of awareness and understanding of the overriding patterns and processes of history and social change on the part of Washingtonians.

People outside of Washington are slowly becoming aware of the general patterns and processes of history and social change due in large part to globalization and technology, even though Washington is either in denial of such patterns and processes or is unaware of such patterns and processes. In turn, globalization and technology are always front and center in the transitions which occur from one historical epoch to another. From the nomadic age, to the feudal age, then the modern age, and now the postmodern age, globalization and technology have always been the focal points of such changes and transitions.

Thus, while globalization and technology are the two systemic forces which override anthropocentric and anthropomorphic will, there is something broader and bigger which overrides globalization and technology, namely, the basic patterns and processes of history and social change. And if there is no adjustment made to such patterns and processes, there is an axiom and quote of Lao Tzu which applies to the situation: “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

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