Dark Magic

The “Trinity” of results and outcomes stemming from a breakdown of any global order – but especially as it pertains now to the breakdown of the neoliberal and neoconservative global order and in turn the demise of ‘Capitalist-Democracy’ as a viable international system – are economic downturns due to ‘organizational failure’ at the very top, political instability in many places, and social turbulence and social turmoil with a global scope. These results and outcomes, one must note, are interconnected and interrelated.

Moreover, the political instability in places like Italy, Iraq, and Sri Lanka which have captured the news headlines as of late coincide and perhaps result from the political instability in Washington and London. Italy’s leader, Mario Draghi, is very much a creature of the system stemming from Washington and Brussels. Even though he is respected and hailed as a brilliant technocrat and economics expert, his coalition government has now split at its seams and has fallen apart because of broader and systemic causes and factors beyond his control. In Iraq, the flimsy and soft president and prime minister who rely on American boots on the ground for their power cannot function without the crude and raw power of a religious cleric who is backed by Iran. And in Sri Lanka, the president and prime minister who kept devouring ‘dark money’ from Washington in order to stonewall Sri Lanka’s diplomatic and political connection to China are in a lot of trouble because they could not withstand the power of the people.

In turn, the very basic ‘pillars’ of American foreign policy are now shaky. Israel is very much encircled and surrounded in its region, and this encirclement is being orchestrated by Iran to a large extent. Also, Saudi Arabia gave the middle finger to Joe Biden during these past couple of days, to the extent where the Saudi Foreign Minister brought up the issue of Abu Ghraib and American violations of human rights and international law in a television interview. Furthermore, Sweden and Finland joining NATO at this time is a case of “the hungry sticking to the asses of the thirsty” to borrow from an Afghan expression.

And what awaits Joe Biden upon his return home is the overhaul and sabotage of his domestic agenda in concert with the failure of his foreign policy agenda as a result of Joe Manchin’s concerns with the Federal Reserve and inflation. Furthermore, the popularity of figures like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders and thus the polarization of the political landscape in America reflects the fact that many people in America – if not most people – now prefer radical solutions over the mainstream flimsiness of Joe Biden and others in the American mainstream. As mentioned before, Bernie Sanders would win a national election even against Donald Trump if he were not stonewalled by certain elements of the Democratic Party. Plus, what can a person or a collection of persons in the American mainstream do in the span of three months and then two years to turn around the aforementioned situation? Although miracles do exist, Joe Biden’s dark magicians are most likely unable to pull this one off.

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