“Ambivalence” by Valsa George

I wandered looking for an Abel and a Cain
Finally the journey ended in me.
As honey in a bee’s comb and venom in its sting,
From man’s heart, spring nectar and poison
While being an incarnation of gentleness,
A sleeping dragon lies within.

Sometimes a thousand stars litter my sky
More often life darkens into a starless night
Even when a ray of goodness lights
There is an inner darkness that bites
The hands that are extended to embrace in love
Turn into tentacles that bind to choke

A saviour and an assassin cohabit in me
The sweetness shown is in stark contradiction,
To the daggers that are hidden within
Even when I ardently preach deliverance
I turn my face from the convulsions of grief
And laugh at another’s punching pain

Sometimes I become an oasis
In the panting sterility of the desert
Sometimes a snare to trap the guileless
And pull them headlong into the abyss of death

From a fairy God mother, the transition
To an evil Witch is rather unpremeditated
How fast love thistles into hatred
And admiration stoops into jealousy

We have an erratic mindscape
That changes shape every now and then
When we speak of good and bad
Aren’t we showing traits of both?
Thus we are walking contradictions
Of a Yin and Yang of no judicious proportion!

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