“Chashman e Abi” – چشمان آبی

“Chashman e Abi” translates into “Blue Eyes” in Farsi. Also part of my “trinity” of favorite songs since a very long time ago. One cannot quantify the popularity of this song amongst music lovers in the Afghan diaspora and perhaps even amongst those who are still in Afghanistan and are familiar with the history of modern Afghan art and music. In short, “Chashman e Abi” is a classic and a mainstay of Afghan art and music, originally performed by the legendary Ahmad Wali, who is a family friend and one of the elite artists of Afghanistan’s “Golden Era” of art and culture. “Chashman e Abi” can either bring a smile to one’s face and spur a delicate laugh, or it can make a person cry and ruminate, depending on one’s mindset. Quite honestly, it used to make me cry and ruminate. I have listened to it being performed live by Ahmad Wali himself, and yes, it made me cry. But for some reason, it brought a smile and a laugh this time around. Excuse the banter from my brother at the very end. Rough translation: “Blue eyes, and a face with a pink glow and plush lips. With resounding posture, why, my love, are you so flaky? With hair like silk, and scent like a flower, oh, my sweetest love, with resounding posture, why are you so flaky? You’re the peak of one’s spark, and the heat of one’s summer, giving life to a thousand other flowers. So why, my love, are you so flaky? My love is pure, and it will be pure until the day I die. Neither will I relent. So why, my love, are you so flaky?”

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