As I have mentioned in a few instances, when the traditional liberal order breaks down in a society – and this applies in a cross-regional and cross-national sense when we take into account not only the Modern West, but also places like Iran and Afghanistan in the 20th century – the two political and social forces which fill the power vacuum are Marxists and populists. I also mentioned that the manner in which Marxists fill the power vacuum is through state capture via either the police or military and intelligence, not from the bottom-up, given that Marxists are always fewer in number than the grassroots and populists. On the other hand, populists take over through elections or perhaps even civil war due to their numbers.

Given that the establishment and traditional liberal order is falling apart not only globally, but also from within the United States as well, the liberals have resorted to three possible courses of action in order to derail a populist surge this November and in November 2024, all three of which will most likely fail. For one, Nancy Pelosi’s planned ‘Kamikaze’ trip to Taiwan was an attempt to start a war and to distract from the failings of Joe Biden and the Democrats at home. But Nancy Pelosi’s love of life and ‘dark money’ deterred her from mustering the courage of a Japanese fighter pilot when China warned of a “forceful” reaction to such a provocation. Plus, would the United States risk a nuclear war of annihilation with China over Nancy Pelosi?

Second, the liberals can try to steal the election in 2024, but the likelihood is that the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) which is dominated by conservatives will not have the stomach to deal with Biden for yet another term.

And third, the liberals have resorted to propping up Mike Pence in order to wage a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy from within the Republican Party in order to weaken Donald Trump’s prospects in the 2024 Republican primary election. But if one recalls recent history, fifteen or sixteen other candidates were propped up by the establishment during the Republican primary election in 2016 in order to derail Trump, and it failed. Thus, there is not much substance behind the suggestion that Pence could achieve such an arduous task, especially after his loss of reputation amongst the Republican base when he decided to concede the 2020 election to Joe Biden. Moreover, if one were to conceive a base for Pence, it would not match up to the base which Trump has fostered for himself over the course of the last six or seven years. Primary elections are catered towards the party’s base, and in terms of base size within the Republican party, Trump has a larger base than Pence.

Thus, with the failure of the establishment and the traditional liberal order, there is Trump, and beyond Trump, there is virtually nothing else in the American political landscape except for one-party rule and perhaps even one-person rule. I mentioned in a previous blog post that at the moment, approximately 85 percent of Americans do not believe that their elections are free and fair, most likely because of Joe Biden. Hence, Trump augurs the prospect of the “Great Man” politics which will supersede liberal democracy and had been envisioned a long time ago by the likes of Oswald Spengler as well as those who were familiar with the teachings of Spengler. Once the era of “Great Man” politics which had long been envisioned actually begins, the stonewalling of Jared Kushner and Benjamin Netanyahu will not really matter anymore. Plus, as some polls have shown, about 70 percent of Americans do not care if liberal democracy ends in the United States, and as Graeme Wood wrote, only 3.5 percent of Americans care about “democracy.” Thus, with the demise of both ‘Marxist Collectivism’ in the 20th century and with the likely demise of ‘Liberal Democracy’ in the 21st century, the choices are perhaps limited to say the least.

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