A Food Lover’s Journey Through Time, Part Three

Uyghur Laghman. Chinese cuisine, given its very wide range, is essentially divided into regional cuisines, and I have yet to scratch the surface of it all.
Kill me, but don’t deprive me of this.
Texas beef brisket with mac and cheese, black-eyed beans and corn, and cornbread on the side. God bless America.
Cute, isn’t it?
After moving to Northern Virginia as a child from New York City where I was born (Mets over Yankees, Knicks over Nets, Giants over Jets, Rangers over Islanders), I now live and have grown up in a town called Centreville. Known as “Little Korea,” Centreville is host to an array of Korean BBQ spots, and as a result, there is a Korean BBQ game that is to be learned and to be played with skill.
Serendipity 3, New York City. Perhaps the world’s most famous dessert place. Pictured here is the “Forbidden Chocolate Sundae.” The lady sitting next to me nearly lost her wits for some reason as she was eavesdropping and heard the order being placed.
Classic English “Fish and Chips” with an array of dipping sauces. I mean, classics are hard to beat.
And it’s even better when it’s coupled with this brilliant concoction.

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