A Food Lover’s Journey Through Time

Japanese Wagyu with Wasabi and Salt on the side. Does cost more than your ordinary steak, and whether it is worth it or not is totally up to the individual.
Italian Panini with coffee on the side. If you want a real Italian culinary experience without going to Italy, I would suggest going to Pompano Beach and its vicinity in Florida.
Greek lamb chops with rice and tzatziki sauce. How can you not crave this once in a while?
Plov, the national dish of Uzbekistan, alongside a glass of Baltika (Russian beer). If you’re accustomed to this type of food, going without it for more than a week can be frustrating.
Jamaican Jerk Chicken with rice. Can’t go wrong.
Steak Frites, with pommes frites and peppercorn sauce on the side. The more you grow older, the more you appreciate both the simplicity and sophistication of French culinary culture.
Went all the way to Harlem for this. Fried burgers. Can make your head spin. Not for the faint-hearted.
Oaxacan style fajitas with Oaxacan style carne asada. In the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. I’ve seen it all.
‘Baghali Polo’ with Salmon and a ‘Chelo Kabob Kubideh.’ As the late Anthony Bourdain rightly argued, Iranian cuisine is in the world’s top three, alongside French and Chinese in his view.
Roasted lamb, a sign of generosity and hospitality in the Muslim world, and not to mention, damn good.
Seafood Paella. Had this while I was in Tangier. Perhaps better than the Spanish original.
Seafood Bastilla, a specialty in Morocco, and one hell of a dish to say the least.
Afghan Qabili with Lamb Shank. Courtesy of my mother’s best friend from high school, who owns a really nice Afghan restaurant in Paris called ‘Buzkashi.’ Try it out if you’re ever in Paris.
Have you ever seen a gelato like this one?
Flan, a popular custard dish in Latin America and the Caribbean. A delight for dessert lovers.
Good old Southern style fried chicken with Mac and cheese. Had this at a Southern kitchen in Miami’s South Beach. Money.
Known as a “Moroccan Table.” An assortment of Moroccan dishes, made during gatherings and special occasions.
“Aushak” and “Mantu.” Afghan dumplings. The latter is filled with ground beef, and the former is filled with chives.
“Lubia Polo”; a popular Iranian dish. I kid you not, I can go on eating it for days without getting bored.
“La Casa de Bandini” in San Diego is considered by some to be the best Mexican restaurant in all of California and perhaps in the entire United States. To be honest with you, I really wouldn’t argue against those who came up with that idea.
Ever had couscous with meat? If not, then there is a void in your soul which needs to be filled by it.

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