A Food Lover’s Journey Through Time, Part Four

It’s either gonna be this or ‘Johnny Walker Black Label.’ Which one is it gonna be?
One of the coolest things I came across during my trip to The Hague seven years ago. Mini Dutch pancakes, made on the spot.
CATCH LA in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles. I don’t know…I didn’t understand why it was such a big deal to so many people.
It’s the rosewater, stupid.
Who knew a cappuccino could be this sexy?
Mama D’s Italian Kitchen in Newport Beach, California. Now we’re talkin’.
Meatloaf with cornbread, Mac and cheese, and collard greens. Probably as American as it can ever get.
Ah, New England Lobster Roll. What is there to say about a New England Lobster Roll? I guess it speaks for itself.

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