Today, Jellyfish swarming the coast of what was once Palestine made the news headlines. Coincidentally, I mentioned Jellyfish in a previous blog post, and I mentioned how as a result of man-made ecological and environmental degradation in recent times, mindless and useless Jellyfish are fast replacing elegant and majestic sea creatures such as Starfish and other creatures. Environmentalists and scientists are perhaps mindful of this phenomenon. And in a broader and deeper sense, Jellyfish – and thus their proliferation as well as their ability to replace dynamic and elegant sea creatures – are a reflection of social reality in the human kingdom and the human social hierarchy. Why Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, Tony Blinken, Lloyd Austin, and Janet Yellen hold key positions in government – and why a person like Kamala Harris who was once a lioness has to now be married to someone like Doug Emhoff – all reflect this sad and tragic social reality.

But mindless and useless Jellyfish swarming Palestine is nothing new. It has now been going on for decades, at the expense of a culturally rich people and society like Palestine. And the tragedy is that many people are either impotent or silent vis-à-vis this ecological and humanitarian disaster, either out of apathy or fear. But in the long run – and as many people are witnessing now in America and Europe and elsewhere – the cost of fear and silence outweighs the costs of action and speaking out.

Thus, with all the calamities and disasters both in an ecological and humanitarian sense, one should ask where governments and “intergovernmental organizations” (IGOs) stand in all of this. One should perhaps ask amidst all these calamities and disasters: what is it that governments and IGOs can do that regular people cannot do on their own? Is it maintaining law and order? If that is the case, then what is it that explains both corruption and the breakdown of social order on a global scale in recent times? Also, the answer for these questions, or the lack thereof, can perhaps explain why a number of governments are either changing or collapsing in recent times.

In turn, lawyers in America should also ask themselves what the intent was behind the creation of a controversial law such as the “Second Amendment” of their constitution. The answer, one must add, is not limited to just the right to have guns and weapons, and the broader answer will perhaps surprise Tony Blinken, Merrick Garland, and many others. Thus, aside from censoring, suffocating, and stonewalling people, these entities and individuals are as useless as Jellyfish in the bigger scheme of things.

Hence, there is a circuit of corruption between certain governments, IGOs, and recipient states, which is funded overwhelmingly by the American taxpayer, and yet, regular people in both America and the recipient states get virtually nothing out of the taxpayer money which flows through this corrupt circuit, except for corruption and the breakdown of the ecological and social order. In a sense, the main question now is whether regular people are able to break this corrupt circuit before the corrupt circuit breaks regular people. Moreover, the economic, political, and social consequences and realities of this corrupt circuit are now as palpable and undeniable as it can possibly get. Whether people acknowledge these consequences and realities before it hits them in the face as the universe continues to tighten on everyone due to man-made calamities and disasters is a wholly separate question to be asked over the course of time.

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