Also, what is baffling for me at least – and it might be baffling for others as well if they ever reflected as deeply as I have on these matters – is how the hype over Christianity in Anglo-America can coincide with its foreign policy or perhaps its whole-of-government policy as it stands, in addition to how the policies shaped up over the course of the last couple of decades. On the other hand, Europe went ahead with relieving itself of this dilemma by largely doing away with Christianity and adopting a nihilistic view of the world.

But what many people overlook is that Christians were the ones who got the short end of the stick as a result of American foreign policy in recent years, whether it was in Palestine, Iraq, Syria, or Lebanon. Thus, a tradeoff has to be made in Anglo-America, in the sense that either the foreign policy and whole-of-government policy has to change, or the hype over Christianity and religiosity have to be done away with, because both cannot logically coincide with one another.

In turn, the cognitive dissonance that comes with attempting to hold “two watermelons in one hand” even though it cannot be done is reflected in the recent overhaul of both precedent and policies by the ‘Supreme Court of the United States’ (SCOTUS), an overhaul which one should note could have been carried out by political bodies instead of a court of law had SCOTUS not contradicted itself earlier on by denying the political realities on the ground. Just as Christianity does not coincide with a foreign policy that kills and harms Christians, an activist court that overhauls the policies and precedents of a party which it conceded to also does not make sense. Hence, Washington is a world of contradictions and paradoxes which are in need of resolution.

Moreover, SCOTUS demonstrates the philosophical underpinnings of law in America, in the sense that law is largely political as a result of the legal and philosophical tradition known as “Legal Realism.” In theory, a legal body or court of law is not in the business of overhauling precedents and policies that are set by political bodies. But the fact that such an overhaul is being carried out by the highest court of the land in real time evinces the idea that law is political, and that law is a tool of political power which is wielded by corrupt Washington insiders both in the political bodies and SCOTUS in the bigger scheme of things.

Thus, the plight of not just Muslims, but also Christians and others in places like Palestine and the broader Middle East – in addition to being a political and social issue – is also an environmental and ecological issue if we carry over the points which were made in the previous blog post. Environmental and social degradation, decimation, and oppression are incredibly delicate, nuanced, and subtle realities both in a scientific and social sense. And if it takes humorous and outlandish thoughts and logical proofs to get people in Washington to wake up to such realities, then let it be, lest the situation worsens later on.

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