Turning Point

Hence, a major logical fallacy or flaw within the American system is the expectation that those who bow to a black magic cult and then blow a country’s energy, money, and resources for approximately twenty years in order to fight tin-pot dictators so that the black magic cult can be saved can then be expected to somehow abide by an “honor code” and preserve or maintain a democratic culture or democratic way of life in a place like the Western world amidst non-anthropomorphic changes and evolutions on a systemic level as a result of globalization and technology. Having this expectation is similar to having the expectation that the sun will not rise in the morning or that the sun will not set in the evening. Moreover, even though the changes and evolutions are not happening suddenly, given that the laws of nature do not dictate suddenness for the most part, the changes and the evolutions are nonetheless occurring gradually and slowly.

Moreover, as Benjamin Crump and another attorney noted in a statement released recently, America is at a turning point because of the changes and evolutions which are largely out of one’s control and are being prompted outside of one’s control. There is a flurry of self-expression, cultural exchange, discovery, and debate which is occurring not just on a national scale in the United States, but also on a global level as a result of technology, social media, the internet, and globalization. As one young person said: “It all happened on social media.”

Bloggers and “Vloggers,” for instance, have “liberated” the information ecosystem by virtue of the economic, social, and technological changes and evolutions which have occurred in recent years. Thus, when a “revolutionary current is in the air” per se, it is brought about largely by technological changes such as the ones we are experiencing today, as well as those which occurred in the past such as the printing press and television.

And for corrupt political bosses like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi who are a reflection of the old urban political bosses of the past such as “Boss Tweed” and others who prioritize their political machine more than anything else, the utmost concern is to scramble for a way to either slow or stop the changes and evolutions. Schumer, for instance, still thinks that the “quantification of progress” can overwhelm or stint the natural course of change and progress. Pelosi, on the other hand, is resorting to sheer thuggery and impudence by seeking to start a war with China over an issue like Taiwan, which one must add is wholly expected of a corrupt political boss ruling over a political machine. But the “tug of war” over Taiwan is largely futile and a waste of energy, given that the interpretation of the “One-China Policy” is something which is not as clear-cut as one wishes it to be. Moreover, if laws are subject to interpretation, then a policy statement like the “One-China Policy” is also subject to interpretation. And as mentioned before, what determines which interpretation wins out is essentially something as mysterious as the “balance of power” principle and an “adversarial system” where ideas and views are put to the test in a variety of ways.

In turn, the groundswell of criticism, debate, and exchange of ideas and viewpoints as a result of technology is entirely healthy, even though certain individuals and groups seek to censor or suppress all of it because they are not happy with the ideas or views being expressed. As John F. Kennedy said: “Without debate, without criticism, no administration and no country can succeed, and no republic can survive.” In essence, the public sphere (which is now global in scope) is shaped by the diversity of ideas and viewpoints, and the whole point of having a public sphere is to see and test which ideas and views can actually win out amidst the free exchange and free flow of ideas which are fostered by a truly democratic and open system. As the Prophet Muhammad famously said: “The diversity of ideas and viewpoints is a mercy upon my community.” But unfortunately, what we have been accustomed to for some time now is cruelty and repression rather than openness and mercy.

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