A Food Lover’s Journey Through Time, Part Five

I wasn’t animated and happy because I was having an American cheeseburger in Paris. I was animated and happy because I was in ‘Café de la Paix,’ located in the heart of the Opera House District of Paris, and in the same room where Ernest Hemingway once sat.
Café crème (usually accompanied by a French baguette in the morning) can be found on virtually every block and street corner of Paris. It was one of my key sources of stimulation while I was in Paris, as I was coping with the outrageous jet lag I was suffering from, in addition to adjusting to the time difference.
‘Té Company’ is a cozy little tea house located in Lower Manhattan. The tea selection is exotic and wide-ranging. Definitely worth a visit.
‘Intelligentsia,’ located in Venice Beach, Los Angeles. Basically in the heart of one of America’s major bohemian and counterculture centers, aside from San Francisco. Bad hair day aside, ‘Intelligentsia’ has always been a place I love to visit during my trips to Los Angeles.
‘Chutzpah’ is the only New York style Jewish deli I could find near my house. It’s amazing to say the least, and you can never wrap your head around the vast selection of food items they offer. Pictured here is a bagel sandwich with Kosher Bologna, Turkey, Lettuce, Swiss Cheese, and Russian Dressing, with a side of Potato Latkes.
Vietnamese Pho. As one American economist said, the only good thing America got out of the Vietnam War was some really good Vietnamese food.
I would argue that Vietnamese coffee sets itself apart from all other coffees in two regards. For one, it seems to be a lot stronger than all the other types of coffee I’ve had. And the condensed milk and the amount of sugar that goes into Vietnamese coffee is another major factor that sets it apart from the rest. It definitely does the job.

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