Fal e Hafez, Ghazal 317, August 26, 2022

Openly I admit, with much joy and such glee;
Enslaved to your love, from both worlds I am free.
As a bird of Paradise, to parting I did agree
Fell in the trap of life and worldly tragedy.
I was an angel, I resided in the heavens;
Renovation of the world – the mission given to me.
The nymphs of paradise, the cool ponds and the tree
In the hope of union, swiftly left my memory.
On the tablet of my heart, inscribed from a to z
It is all about you, I can’t see other than thee.
No soothsayer foretold of my exit or entry
O Lord, this journey, why did you for me decree?
I am but a slave of the Tavern of Love
Each moment, a new pain becomes my new remedy.
If my bleeding heart pours out of my tearful eyes
It’s just, I deserve; why to others I make my plea?
Wipe away Hafiz’s tears with your hands so he can see
Or else, this flood, brings all of us to our knee.

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