On ‘Quantum Social Science’ (Part Five)

When one combines the number of people who abandoned their careers and jobs during the “Great Resignation” over the course of the last few years with the number of people who never went back to work even before the “Great Resignation” and after having filed for unemployment, one is left with a huge segment of the American population that is largely idle and curious and in turn has the potential to contribute either positively or negatively to a postmodern ontological upheaval by virtue of having the latent qualities of a “crowd” or a mob that is governed by unconscious and subconscious energies and forces which are beyond the control of any one authority or government. The operations and workings of such unconscious and subconscious energies and forces have been on display throughout human history, and there is perhaps no need to recount specific instances of such displays in order to prove this point. 

And as Gustave Le Bon wrote regarding the psychology of crowds and mobs:

“It is easy to prove how much the individual forming part of a crowd differs from the isolated individual, but it is less easy to discover the causes of this difference. To obtain at any rate a glimpse of them it is necessary in the first place to call to mind the truth established by modern psychology, that unconscious phenomena play an altogether preponderating part not only in organic life, but also in the operations of the intelligence.”

One must note that Le Bon’s analysis and assessment of the human mind comes long before Freud’s contributions to psychology and psychoanalysis. Le Bon also wrote:

“The conscious life of the mind is of small importance in comparison with its unconscious life. The most subtle analyst, the most acute observer, is scarcely successful in discovering more than a very small number of the unconscious motives that determine his conduct. Our conscious acts are the outcome of an unconscious substratum created in the mind in the main by hereditary influences. This substratum consists of the innumerable common characteristics handed down from generation to generation, which constitute the genius of a race. Behind the avowed causes of our acts there undoubtedly lie secret causes that we do not avow, but behind these secret causes there are many others more secret still which we ourselves ignore. The greater part of our daily actions are the result of hidden motives which escape our observation.”

Because of the preponderance and significant role of unconscious and subconscious energies and forces in economic, political, and social life, it follows that manipulating and playing around with numbers and statistics relating to Joe Biden’s approval rating as well as the numbers and statistics relating to inflation and other economic issues while hiding and suppressing the details and facts relating to two decades of crimes against humanity and war crimes all amount to liberal diversions and distractions away from the central issue of our time. In turn, the central issue of our time is ontological and metaphysical in essence and nature, given the invisible and subtle nature of the energies and forces which go into economic, political, and social life. And with the human mind and contemporary science being inextricably linked to ontological and metaphysical factors which cannot be seen with the naked eye, it follows that knowledge is perhaps the only remedy or solution to what is essentially a postmodern ontological upheaval of global proportions, scale, and scope. 

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