Crises of the Republic

Given the centrality of knowledge and information in relation to human development and self-actualization, it follows that liberal and mainstream deprivation of knowledge and information in its various ways and means as well as the fostering of a sense of dependence on liberal handouts and the virtual death of an entrepreneurial spirit in America are perhaps the two main sources of headache, pain, and misfortune in both a physical and psychological sense. But these sources of headache, pain, and misfortune in turn have root causes and psychosocial underpinnings, as I will highlight below. 

Nevertheless, the point about the adverse effects of depriving people of knowledge and information and fostering a sense of dependence on liberal handouts and the death of an entrepreneurial spirit which results from this sense of dependence is reinforced when one considers phenomena such as a boom in the chiropractic business in recent years or the rise of “Havana Syndrome” in Washington as well as massive unemployment numbers resulting from the “Great Resignation” and the low volume of employment resulting from both mismanagement at the top as well as whole-of-government policies over the course of the last couple of decades. Talk to virtually any small business owner in America, and they will tell you that finding and retaining employees is their biggest challenge these days. 

And with the headache, pain, and misfortune comes a combination of anger and frustration on one hand, and a desperate search for a remedy on the other hand. Refusing to take a vaccine, for instance, has become a novel form of ‘civil disobedience’ for lots of people as a result of the anger and frustration felt towards the authorities and the elite. Chiropractors and Trump are now seen as saviors by many people, given that the desperate search for a remedy means that the farfetchedness and outlandishness of what many people perceive to be a remedy is often overlooked. 

In turn, there is an inextricable link between top-down repression and suppression in an intellectual, physiological, and sexual sense on one hand, and aggression, fascism, and violence on the other hand, as noted by the 20th century Italian philosopher Augusto Del Noce. Thus, even if the liberal establishment ignores, maligns, or makes a mockery out of a Freudian or Jungian analysis and critique of contemporary international affairs, both the pettiness of liberal thought and the hypocrisy demonstrated by these liberal establishment figures over the issue of top-down repression and suppression does not take away from the veracity of this issue and root cause for the headache, pain, and misfortune which is now widespread. 

Plus, a “quantum” approach to understanding international affairs assumes that “mental wave functions” are at the heart of social phenomena, and with the mental aspect of social phenomena comes a sort of vindication of a Freudian and Jungian approach to international affairs. In turn, a major challenge for a “quantum society” within an international society is to have others put in the effort to reach a “quantum” level rather than stooping down to their level. 

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