Public Service Announcement, September 3, 2022

The final part or installment of our discussion on “the professional managerial elite” will be up sometime in the next few weeks once I receive and then peruse the relevant reading material.

After that, I will take substantial time to work on a psychoanalysis blog post. Also, there will be a “Chicago Edition” and a “Global South Edition” of “A Food Lover’s Journey Through Time” soon after the midpoint of September. There is also a good chance of there being a “Dubai and Singapore” travel post either in late December or at the start of 2023.

Many thanks for your interest all this time, and thank you for your continued interest. Also, thank you for accompanying me on what has turned out to be a challenging but also a fulfilling blogging endeavour and journey thus far. It is your demand and interest which has kept this blog alive for all this time, and I am truly grateful for it.

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