The Case Against The Professional Managerial Elite (Part Eight)

Another paradox of the Washington-led system is that the all-too common condition of brain fog, hysteria, and mania are both the byproducts of the lie upon which the entire system is built, as well as the means of concealing and hiding the lie upon which the entire system is built. Hence, the lie upon which the system is built is most likely the direct cause for these aforementioned mental conditions, all of which make up the basis and foundation for a uniquely Western medical and social phenomenon known as “Mass Psychogenic Illness.” As the American neurologist Robert Baloh wrote:

“Mass psychogenic illness typically begins in a stressful environment. Sometimes it starts when an individual with an unrelated illness believes something mysterious caused their symptoms. This person then spreads the idea to the people around them and even to other groups, and it is often amplified by overzealous health workers and the mass media. Well-documented cases of mass psychogenic illness – like the dancing plagues of the Middle Ages – have occurred for centuries and continue to occur on a regular basis around the world. The symptoms are real, the result of changes in brain connections and chemistry. They can also last for years.” 

Thus, bridging the logical gap and making a connection between brain fog, hysteria, and mania on one hand and Poppy Harlow or Kate Bolduan on the other hand is not farfetched or outlandish, based on the aforementioned assessment and description of “Mass Psychogenic Illness.” Why there is a bipartisan consensus and an overwhelmingly widespread notion amongst the American public that America is in the grip of some sort of mental health crisis is perhaps due to the fact that “Mass Psychogenic Illness” is deeply rooted in the historical social fabric of the Western world. 

With this fact in mind, it becomes ever more clear as to why Sigmund Freud, for instance, is amongst the eight most-cited authors and sources of all time in the Western world, alongside Marx, Lenin, Aristotle, Plato, Shakespeare, the Bible, and Chomsky. In turn, the reason as to why Marx, Lenin, and Chomsky are also amongst the most-cited authors and source of all time in the Western world is due to the fact Western government and Western society are formed and shaped around the reality of ‘class conflict’ rather than ‘class consensus.’ By logic, it follows from the reality of ‘class conflict’ that the notion of Western ‘democracy’ ends up becoming a falsehood, lie, and a misrepresentation of social reality in the Western world.

Thus, in order to overcome the “Mass Psychogenic Illness” which all of us have suffered from one way or another, the lies and misrepresentations of the system have to be compensated with reality and truth. Such compensation is brought about by an “exhaustive education” which few of us are privileged to undertake. Thus, an emblem or symbol of our social reality will be “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” more than anything else, given the environmental, psychological, and social factors which determine our social reality. 

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