A Food Lover’s Journey Through Time, Global South Edition

By virtue of hosting minority enclaves such as Little Haiti, Little Havana, a Colombian immigrant community, and a Venezuelan immigrant community inter alia, South Florida is perhaps a microcosm or sample of what we would consider to be the “Global South.” Pondering over what to eat next, and with all the choices and options, it’s easier said than done.
“IN-N-OUT” is not technically part of the culinary patchwork of what we would consider to be the “Global South.” However, it is now quite possible to integrate “IN-N-OUT” into such a patchwork, given that as a result of social phenomena such as globalization and technology, arguably, the “Global South” is now more of an imagined social space rather than a fixed territorial space.
Korean “Hot Pot” or “Jeongol”; Northern Virginia and the broader DC-Metro Area attracts and brings the world to itself like a magnet and thus it attracts and brings elements of the “Global South” as well. This means Virginians and Washingtonians don’t necessarily have to venture too far off for diverse cuisines and foods, even though the DC-Metro Area might not match up to say, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, or Miami in terms of quality.
El Salvadorian “Costilla Asada” — Beef ribs, with refried beans, rice, and salad. Over the course of the last few decades, my family and I have built our entire enterprise off the backs of the Hispanic community more than anyone else. Without the patronage or support of the Hispanic community, I would never have had the luxury or privilege of being a loud and obnoxious blogger.
Ethiopian “Beef Tibs” with Chicken “Doro Wat” and a veggie platter over “Injera,” a special spongy flatbread which in turn is the national dish of Ethiopia. What struck me about Ethiopian food was the paradox of it all, namely, the simplicity of the food amidst the complexity of a nation and society like Ethiopia.
“Haneeth” is the feature dish of Yemeni cuisine. Chunks of lamb and fried onion shreds on top of brown rice. Yemen is essentially the oldest and richest of all the cultures in what is now considered the Gulf Arab region or “GCC” and thus the springboard for what we consider to be Arab civilization.

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