Book Recommendation, September 15, 2022

“Economic Origins of Jeffersonian Democracy: How Hamilton’s Merchant Class Lost Out to the Agrarian South” by Charles Beard. It is worth noting that Beard is among the top two or three most important American historians of all time. And at the heart of Beard’s argument is the idea that a ‘class struggle’ is at the heart of American politics and society even to this day. The roots of this class struggle which still defines American politics and society goes back to the inception of the American republic itself, when Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson sought to outmanoeuvre one another in shaping the character and DNA of American politics and society. Hamilton very much represented the old money and elitism of British colonialism and Northeastern society, whereas Jefferson represented the agrarian and populist interests which were very much opposed to the interests of British colonial money and the Northeastern elite. And as we see now, the class struggle or political struggle continues to play out in American government and society between these two economic and regional interest groups.

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