On ‘Paranormal Activity’ and ‘Synchronicity’

Arguably, the changes and transformations of entire civilizations and nations occur based on the ‘psychic movements’ of individuals who are linked together by extraordinary phenomena such as ‘paranormal activity’ and ‘synchronicity.’ For instance, the potential for a global recession or depression in 2023 is arguably linked to these extraordinary phenomena more than anything else. In turn, the mental and psychological byproducts of such ‘psychic movements’ such as anxiety, fear, folly, Islamophobia, inflation, anger, populism, frustration, melancholy, hysteria, Havana Syndrome, mania, overworking, and paranoia are ultimately rooted in ‘psychic activities and movements’ such as criminality, choosing the wrong advisers, choosing the wrong public personalities, impudence, ignorance, lustfulness, stinginess, invasion of other people’s countries for the last five centuries, racism, arrogance, sinfulness, ignoring people’s grievances and voices, snubbing, and stonewalling people among other things. 

‘Synchronicity’ is a concept, idea, or even a “connecting principle” in both the natural and social world that is also part of a broader and more comprehensive theory of nature and reality known as “Quantum Theory” which takes into account the activities, movements, and phenomena below the atomic and conscious levels of nature and reality. As the late David Bohm wrote, the origins of “Quantum Theory” rest with the initial exploration or inquiry into how “radiation” is distributed throughout a certain space. And as Paul Halpern wrote:

“Classical science made great strides by embracing causality – the notion that reality is like a chain of toppling dominoes, each pressing on its neighbor and compelling it to fall. Yet, as quantum physics shows us, mechanistic causality, as natural as it seems, is not enough to explain the wide range of phenomena in the universe.”

Thus, the apex or pinnacle of modern knowledge and information is the knowledge and information that pertains to extraordinary phenomena such as “paranormal activity” and “synchronicity” which in turn are explained in large part by “Quantum Theory.” This takes us into the issue of knowledge itself, in addition to a glance towards the characteristics and overall nature of knowledge. And as the late David Bohm argued, both knowledge and reality are in a state of flux, given that knowledge pertains to an understanding of reality and in turn reality is changing and is in a state of flux. Because reality is constantly changing and is in a state of flux, it follows that knowledge is also changing and is in a state of flux. 

Moreover, a “fixed” notion of reality is incompatible with the “free movement of the mind” that is needed for understanding a reality that is essentially changing and is in a state of flux. Knowledge is both a “process” and a “stream” that continues indefinitely, hence the notion of “Bildung” in German culture and so forth. And as Bohm argued, knowledge is not only a “process” or a “stream” that continues to move indefinitely, but knowledge is also a “process” or “stream” which “moves on its own.” Bohm added: “We have no control over this knowledge; it controls us.” 

In addition to being an autonomous and perpetual “process” or “stream” which in turn controls everything, knowledge is also something which is shared between individuals and peoples. Dialogue is the most basic conduit or mechanism through which knowledge is shared between individuals and peoples and in turn the sharing of knowledge and information through dialogue shapes our collective reality. In my next piece, I will inquire into what is essentially the artform or science that is dialogue. 

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