In sum, warfare is naturally designed for defensive purposes, not for offensive military invasions or for military occupations. Also, banks and the financial sector are here to grow wealth but are not here for people to grow wealthy and extravagant. And energy can be sought through diplomacy and socially constructed means rather than hardball and intimidation. Thus, the hardline and criminal approach of Dick Cheney and its perpetuation can in no way be accepted or justified when all is said and done, given that at the heart of this hardline and criminal approach was the undermining and sabotage of de jure states in the international system which are tasked by international law with maintaining social order within their sovereign territories. 

But a sham pretext and spectacle were needed in order to justify all the insanity, lawlessness, and violence. And this sham pretext and spectacle were in turn the source of what is now a largely incurable trauma inflicted upon the ‘collective consciousness’ of international society. Moreover, the hardline and criminal approach along with its sham pretext and spectacle created a rift within the core and heart of the American state itself, as Steve Coll noted in his book titled “Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power.” 

Dick Cheney was initially an oil and gas man, although Cheney dabbled in the weapons industry as well. And as Coll noted, many big people within the energy and oil industry – with the energy and oil industry acting as the state within the American state – were not in favor of Cheney’s hardline and criminal approach towards foreign relations. Now, the elder Cheney’s political legacy has been intertwined with the political career of his daughter, Liz Cheney. Thus, if Liz Cheney loses out from within her political party, it means that neoconservatism and the elder Cheney’s overall approach towards the world have lost out as well. Liz Cheney is now the mastermind behind the final push and the final stand against what is now the very powerful Trump faction of the Republican Party. And a referendum on Liz Cheney, arguably, amounts to a referendum on her father and the neoconservatism for which her father stood for as a whole. And ultimately, this referendum took place in the Republican congressional primaries a number of weeks ago, which Liz Cheney ended up losing. 

As René Guénon implored, one should avoid white people fighting as much as possible in order to stay safe. But what Guénon overlooked was the fact that there is essentially no way to not be involved in white people fighting, especially when you are living in their countries and on their soil and thus your future and survival is to a certain extent intertwined with the outcome of their infighting. Plus, in a globalized and interconnected world, no one is immune and safe from white people fighting. Certain individuals who come from minority communities in the West like myself were never interested in hobnobbing and shooting the shit with the new ‘aristocracy’ or bureaucrats or with European nobility. Many of us were happy in our blissful ignorance. As Anton Chekhov wisely wrote: “Aristocrats? The same ugly bodies and physical uncleanliness, the same toothless old age and disgusting death, as with market-women.” But as has been argued many times before, one’s involvement in white people fighting, as with anything else which one is involved in, is ultimately the “best response” to what everyone else has been doing throughout these last few decades. 

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